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Employee Resources

Thank you for being a part of the Florence Park team! Here are some quick links for your convenience:


In addition to initial training, staff at Florence Park are provided continuing education through Healthcare Academy, an online-based education system. Healthcare Academy recommends using Internet Explorer as your browser. Adobe Flash Player must also be installed with pop-ups permitted.

All assigned courses are displayed after you log into the website. If you wish to take a course on a specific topic, please contact the Human Resources department. Staff can access HCMG's learning system, Healthcare Academy by clicking HERE.

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2nd - Tiffany Orr

15th - Lydia Wren

18th - Lisa Lavertue

22nd - Brittani Kendall

22nd - Charles Lewis

29th - Tori Huffman

29th - Selena Klaphake

30th - Jennifer Cross

30th - Sierra Green

30th - Charlaysha Lewis


Kristina Jerauld - 18 Years

Laura Dennis - 12 Years

John Paul Moore - 5 Years

Jaime Curry - 3 Years

Lakida Spearmint - 3 Years

Natalia Talley - 3 Years

Ami Crittenden - 3 Years

Obie Bullock - 3 Years

Cassie Blanton - 3 Years

Patricia Drasser - 3 Years

Christina Johnson - 2 Years

Audrey Baker - 1 Year

Amanda Campbell - 1 Year

Lindsey Gross - 1 Year 


Kudos Korner