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Florence Park Nursing & Rehab Center offers a full continuum of care under one roof, including physical therapy rehabilitation, nursing care, and long term care. Conveniently located in Florence, Kentucky with easy access to I-71/I-75, Florence Park is one of several local facilities owned and operated by the Health Care Management Group (HCMG).


Unlike most traditional institutionalized nursing homes, Florence Park is based on respect for the individual patient's comfort and self esteem. We staff generously, so our nurse-to-patient ratio is high. Additionally, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation at Florence Park returns patients to healthy independence consistently faster than any other provider in the area. 

Schedule a visit to Florence Park to see for yourself how we integrate the best medical science in all aspects of care.

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"Absolutely love this place! My grandma has been somewhat of a frequent flyer to their rehab unit (and) she looked forward to returning each time! The staff is always kind and attentive to residents' needs. Would definitely recommend..."
 - Abby E.

Greater Care for Greater Cincinnati.

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